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A Klose to Klompleted Kitchen

14 Nov

It’s official! We have gone from dinners like this:

pasta dishes from sugar river pizza

to this:

tacos cooking on the stove

The kitchen is completely functional and I am in love with the results! I know everyone wants to just see the pics so without further ado:

As you can see in the photos above, there is definitely some finishing touches we need to tackle, like the tv cord management, finishing the outlets, installing the baseboards, etc. But for now we are content to take our time with those.

Here are a few pics of some of the features we picked out, too:

Pull out garbage and recycling bins
Built in silverware tray….
… with a second level underneath for more storage!
Cookie sheets/cutting board dividers
A blurry shot of the lazy susan’s in the corner cabinet
Spice shelves we have yet to fill…

We are also in some desperate need of some counter height stools. We spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday hunting for those ( 8 different stores in all!). I could not believe how much stools can cost. One store we went to had stools starting at $390 a piece! Crazy!! But I think we have in narrowed down to this one from world market:

They were all sold out when we were there yesterday but are supposed to be getting some in this Tues or next (cross your fingers it’s this Tuesday). We are also planning on stopping at The Stool Store (very creative name I know) tomorrow on our way back to WM to hopefully pick up the above stool. The Stool Store is apparently quite special as it’s closed on Sundays and has limited later hours (closes at 5pm most days…).

While out stool shopping, I finally found a piggy elephant bank I adore! I have secretly been searching for one for the past 2-3 years. We found it at Pier 1. He’s such a cutie and right now is living in our pretty kitchen:

So while there are still some things on the list before this kitchen can really be finished… it’s definitely a step in the right direction!! Here are some pictures to remind you where we started…

When we bought the house
On demo day
On demo day

Although the kitchen is “kompleted” we have plenty more house projects to tackle and plan to keep you all updated on our progress. For now I’ll leave you all with our “night” view of the kitchen:

Happy Monday!


Up Next…

29 Nov

With the addition of Wesley to our usually hectic fall (we LOVE Badger football season around here), we have done very little to spruce up the house. Even so, our house has never felt more like home! Our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness watching him grow. What we are learning (among many things!!) is that as he grows, so do his needs. Trying to find room to house some of his “needs” is our biggest challenge these days and has led to our change in focus for our next big project! This means bathroom #2 is officially on hold for now.

This blog all started when our kitchen underwent a massive remodel. We have tons of storage as a result, but somehow have found ways to fill all the nooks and crannies with stuff. Finding a place to store Wesley’s bottles and formula proved difficult… so difficult that they often sit on the countertops. Can we say cluttered?! Some of the stuff taking up precious kitchen real estate are things we don’t use routinely – too many wine and beer glasses, serving bowls and platters, liquor, etc. So we (mostly me – Mike would just like to get rid of things 🙂 ) want to relocate these items.

Where you might ask? Well, to the dining room of course! Our dining room has received very little attention beyond some paint and new trim so you may not even remember that we have one. The ultimate hope is to open up one of the walls to let more natural light in, but it is a low priority item at the moment. I embarrassingly admit that we rarely eat in the dining room (usually we eat at the kitchen island – OR – in front of the TV), BUT once Wesley is eating solids, we want to have meals in the dining room with him. Anyway, now that we are off topic, our plan is to build in a large buffet along the back wall that we can store all that stuff we want to relocate from the kitchen. We’d also like to include a built-in beverage fridge as we always seem to be running out of fridge space and I know its only going to get worse when Wes starts eating more.

Now we haven’t discussed much of the details beyond that, but thought I’d share some of the pictures that we are using for inspiration. All images found on pinterest (yes, taking the lazy way out this time for referencing!).



I think we will use some stock cabinetry (like we did for the office built-ins) but am also considering ikea as an option for the cabinetry. I’d love to have a pretty countertop on top, like soapstone or some solid surface, but not sure we can justify the added expense. Is it weird to use butcher block AGAIN since we already have it in the office for our desktop and in the built-in bookcases? It’s just so affordable! Either way we have some time to figure it out, but hoping to kick off this project early 2017.

As a reminder. Here’s more or less what our dining room is looking like these days. The tan wall on the right of the photo is the one we are considering opening up (but it has ductwork, outlets, etc in the way at the moment). The built-ins will go along the back red-orange wall.


So for now we are spending some time cleaning out our kitchen & pantry and trying to figure out exactly what storage needs we will have in the dining room. More plans to follow 🙂

Housiversary #6

13 Mar

I was reminded by Facebook recently, that we officially purchased our house 6 years ago (we moved in in May – 1 week before our wedding)! I thought it’d be fun to do a good look back on how our house has evolved  from February 2010 to February 2016. The last time I did this was in 2012 so quite a bit has changed… And unfortunately quite a bit is still the same! Once we tackle these 2 bathrooms the ‘then’ and ‘now’ will be even more impressive!

Let’s get this stroll down memory lane started, shall we?

Our front porch update is something we still get complemented on by neighbors and other locals walking or stopping by. It went a long way to up the curb appeal and I am always so happy to drive up to our house with the pretty porch each day. Even though it was the project that never seemed to end, it was definitely worth it!


The Original (2010-2013)


Although at this point the only person who sees our front entry is the pizza delivery guy (and we order the amazing Sugar River Pizza on the reg!), I think our entryway will eventually be used more often. It’s been pretty much left untouched the last several years with the newest addition being our wireless printer (amazing – it’s so nice to just print form my phone!). Someday we will update the closet/storage situation so the printer is a bit more hidden. But for now, it’s ok with me if the pizza guy sees it.


The (almost) Original


From there you’ll walk into our living room, which has seen some minor tweaks over the last couple of years. I’ve definitely been working on trying to get some art on the walls. It feels like a lot of brown in here to me – brown walls, brown furniture, brown rug – so I’m trying to break it up a bit. There’s still a bit of work to do here 🙂


Down the hallway is the office, the dining room, 0ne of our bathrooms and finally the kitchen/laundry room. The office is the most recent room in our house to get an facelift. It has become one of my favorite rooms because I know how much work went into it (and it turned out excellent, if you ask me!).


The Original (2010 – 2015)

 The Inbetween ^


The bathroom is pretty much the same as when we bought it. The paint color is definitely an improvement, but I’m not sure the lack of trim adds much to the space. We did finally buy the tile for the this bathroom and come up with a vanity plan so we are definitely getting the ball rolling!! Eek!


The (real) Original

Blog bathroom-9876

The Right Now

As you all know, the kitchen is what got this blog started. It was 3 months of torture but so, so worth it!


The Original (2010 – 2012)


The laundry/mud room is another one of my favorites. It has been super functional for us, although I’m still trying to figure out the best things to store on those shelves.

The Inbetween ^


Heading back down the hallway brings us to the dining room. It’s another room that hasn’t received too much attention once we built the stair wall and railing, but I do have some plans to open this wall on the right and build in a dry bar along the back wall. Once we have kids, I think it will be nice to have a place to put other beverages (as I know we’ll need the space in our main fridge then!)


The Original



Here’s a quick peak at the 2 guest rooms upstairs (or should I say clutter rooms….) as they are now – we have no photos of the originals (other than our series of carpet/trim posts: here, here, here, here, and here .

The third guest room is the future nursery, which will get a post of it’s own soon enough. But here’s a sneak peek (of the ‘storage’ side)!


Our second bath is on the short list for an upgrade as you all know, but I’ll remind you of where we’ll be starting from.

Blog bathroom-9877Blog bathroom-9878-Edit

And last but not least, here’s our pretty uninspiring master bedroom and bathroom. We made the teensiest bit of progress when we bought a new bed, but it definitely has a long ways to go.

Well that was fun! At least for me, haha! If you haven’t already, check out our 2016 house goals to keep tabs on our progress this year. We are definitely slow going so far these days, but with the tile purchased for our bathroom and the vanity progress underway things are about to get a heck of a lot more exciting around here!


Meal planning Sunday!

14 Feb

Just about every Sunday morning, I sit down with my pad of paper, a pen and my favorite recipes to figure out what’s on the menu for the week. Although Mike could eat the same thing on a weekly basis, variety is the spice of my life so a little meal planning helps with this. I love coming home after work already knowing exactly what we’re making AND that we already have all of the ingredients on hand. It makes dinner time much less stressful, especially when I can anticipate a long day at work or an after work run and plan something easy that night. It also helps that my rockstar hubby is always willing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen come dinner time!

When I first started meal planning, I started a little too big – go big or go home, right?! I planned all of these big, elaborate meals for each week night and it got exhausting trying to keep it up. I’ve since learned that sometimes the best meals are the ones that don’t have a ton of ingredients or take an hour to prepare. I thought I’d share a bit about our system with the rest of you, mostly in the hopes that some of you savvy cooks in the kitchen can share some of your tips with me!

I usually try to follow a bit of a schedule so that choosing meals each week isn’t so overwhelming:

  • Sunday is meal-prep day and a day we try to cook a bigger dinner so there are leftovers for our busier evenings. Typically this is a crockpot meal, but not always. We do our grocery shopping and make lunches (usually a yummy quinoa salad of some kind) for the week, too.
  • Monday I try to follow “Meatless Monday.” My aunt recommended a great Vegan cookbook, Oh She Glows, by Angela Liddon that has several tasty ideas. She also has a blog by the same name. While we aren’t vegan (or even vegetarian), I do try to have a few days each week that we aren’t dependent on meat for protein.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday vary a little bit. Usually 1-2 days is set for leftovers. Sometimes we have something simple like soup or salad (particularly if we splurged on some not so good for you foods for other meals that week!), other times it’s a more involved meal.
  • Friday, we try to have fish. My fish recipe repertoire is pretty small though so I do get a bit bored (meaning if you have any good fish recipes, please share!!)
  • Saturday is a bit of a wild card day. Some days we go out for dinner, others we try new recipes or eat up what’s left in the fridge.

Pinterest has been a game changer for me for recipe finding. It’s such an easy way to find new things to add to our rotation.  Our favorites made their way into a recipe binder organized by categories.

Some of the categories, like appetizers (which actually looks like the label fell out), aren’t really used much and other recipes (like our favorite lunch recipes) could use a category of their own to make it easier to find them. So, I’m hoping to re-organize and clean up the binder the first part of the year.

I also really wanted to make a one of these pretty menu lists, like these:

Instead of my current system: 

While it is effective, I always like the prettied up versions of things 🙂 So this weekend, we made a stop at Home Depot for some supplies and I’m taking Sunday fun day to a whole new level!

I’ll share more details soon!

Just in case you’re curious, here’s what’s on the menu this weekend:

Hopefully this wasn’t too boring to read. I meant it when I said I’d love to hear any meal planning tips from you all! If you made it to the end – yay! Thanks for sticking around and I hope your week was splendid.

Game Plan

27 Jan

The biggest project we are set up to tackle this year is the renovation of 2 of our 3 bathrooms – our main, first floor powder room and upstairs guest bathroom. Our master bathroom needs a good face lift too but it will probably be more time and money intensive so we are holding off on that for now.

If you remember way back when we started this old blog, our front entry way, kitchen, and all 3 bathrooms had the same pretty, but VERY uneven slate tile flooring:

This is the main motivator to our bathroom reno. It’s way too easy to stub your toe or step on a crack and get jabbed by some pokey corner! Not fun! We’ll be renting that same hammer tool to remove the tile this time around (our 3rd time renting it!) and I am so excited to see that tile go.

In it’s place, the downstairs bathroom will be getting a black hexagon tile from The Tile Shop. Here are few inspirations for the floor tile:


We’ll also put in some planking up 50-75% of the wall like this:


The vanity has been the hardest thing to finalize as I mentioned in our last post. I’ve been envisioning a wood cabinet (probably stained not painted) with a marble counter top and white vessel sink. I’d also love it to have more storage than our current vanity has (to store extra TP, towels, soap, etc). But finding that in our budget has been next to impossible. After the Pottery Barn Craigslist fail, I’ve been thinking of DIY-ing something. I think a trip to ikea to pick up this $79 dresser and a stop at the stone yard in town are definitely in order. Here are a few of my pinspirations:


It will certainly be exciting seeing it all come together. I can tell we are getting a little old and tired of the bigger renovation projects as we keep delaying going to the Tile Shop to order the tile! We’ve had it on our to do list for about 2 months and keep bumping it off for other things!

Speaking of to do lists, let’s get one started…

  • Order and pick up new tile
  • Remove tile
  • Install new tile
  • Install plank walls
  • Make vanity
  • Install vanity
  • Hang art, mirror, etc

I’ll be back with another post for our upstairs guest bathroom. Since one of our ultimate house goals is to open up the wall in the dining room, my dad suggested we figure out where the duct work in that wall goes. It appears it may involve that upstairs bathroom so that face lift may get delayed a bit while we figure that whole piece out! As always, one thing leads to another… Happy house projects!